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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  March 1, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EST

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what his son's crisis means to the family. "we have to love that much more." you can have the last word online. you can also follow us on facebook and follow me on twitter. the rachel maddow show is up next with why an economist who revised republicans said the gop's budget plan would cause huge job losses. >> thanks very much for that. if you are a person who uses e-mail on a regular to somewhat regular basis, at some point you received an e-mail from somebody claiming to have really, really really amazing news for you. you are in line to receive millions of dollars. all you have to do to claim the untold millions of dollars is to wire the author of the e-mail a large sum of money. huh one of these, right? wire a person a few hundred
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bucks and your millions will be on the way soon. they often arrive from a sender claiming to be a nigerian prince or something. i nigerian prince e-mail scam thing is not only one of the greatest things to come out of e-mail, but set the standard for the frantic disjointed i need your money right now e-mail genre. as of today, that genre has a new addition from the world of politics. as i write you now, the fat cat labor bosses are busy scrapping together millions of forced dues money to build a war chest. the d.c. labor bosses are going into the senate in 2012 and pave the way for a forced unionization and all of us are working hard to stop labor union extremists from take away liberties and bankrupting our country. the most generous contribution will make sure you have the
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resources ready to go toe to toe with labor union bosses. except for the nigeria part. it's an e-mail we received from the national republican senatorial committee. they think that this show is a good republican fund-raising prospect. they wrote to us to ask for help to defeat the unions in 2012. they think they are running against them. the national republican party is now being led by the man who used to be the chairman of the republican party in the great state of wisconsin. from the rnc and governor's association and now this, the republican senate committee are saving e-mails and websites pleading with republicans to get on board this wisconsin thing and the scott walker gravy train including the crazy nigerian prince style pleas for money to stop unions from scrapping the
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dues or whatever they meant. the official republican party decided to bet on scott walker in the fight in wisconsin in a big way. real live actual republicans who have governing responsibility. not so much. they are on board. the politicians are not. the thought he thought was the billionaire chemical barron, one of the things he got really wrong was the idea that republican leaders across the country were going to fall in line behind him and follow his leadershi leadership. >> i talked to him and he did the same thing with rick scott. schneider if he got more support could do that find the new government over to that. he was out in the lincoln day circuit and was kidding me.
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he said scott, don't come to nevada. i would be afraid you would beat me running for governor. that's all they want to talk about. what are you doing to help the governor of wisconsin? >> the last gentlemen he mentioned there was brian sandoval, the new republican governor of nevada. according to scott walker, sandoval is behind him all the way. unless you ask governor sandoval. here was the headline in the sun last week. sandoval won't draw a line over collective bargaining like wisconsin governor. he appears to have been wrong when he explained to the chemical barren donor that all of these national republicans will get behind him and he was leading the way. the other thing scott walker got wrong in that infamous phone call was what he thought was the dwindling nature of the protests forming at his doorstop and so interested the nation.
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>> they were a much smaller group from other states today. sooner or later they stop. the guys they got left were around the state and i keep dismissing it. >> all those people from other states. really? one of the reasons they think they are going to win is they keep thinking the protests arening they think they are winding down. they keep thinking that the people of wisconsin are not against them. here's the thing. last weekend everybody was bulled over. 70,000 people turned out. this weekend police say it was bigger. it was reportedly more like 100,000 people. we are in day 14 of the protests that are still getting bigger. not smaller.
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scott walker let the cat out of the bag on that prank phone call. he thought he was having it and let the cat out of the bag when he admitted that republicans are just counting on the protests going away. from the looks of it, they are not going away. the longer it goes on, the less governor walker and republicans have to stand on here. the longer it goes on, the clearer it becomes that this whole fight is not about what they say it's about. this fight is not about the budget. this fight is about destroying the unions and corporate titan who is give lots of money and get them on the phone for 20 minutes in the middle of a crisis and wanting to bust the unions and dismantling a key part of the democratic base in terms of fund-raising. you want to see the numbers? right. unions are the only significant outside spending group that they have to compete with. members tend to support the democratic causes and provide a
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chunk of the get out the vote infrastructure that democrats rely on. the republican party more than anything else represents corporate interest the democratic party more than anything else represents people who work for corporate interests or people who represent something other than corporations. the longer this goes on, the longer this stretches out, the clearer it gets that this is not a fight about the budget. at the out set, there was a strange fact that the specific unions that would be exempted from the new rules, the unions that wouldn't get stripped happen to be the unions that support scott walker in the last election. the revelation that right around the same time that he claimed the budget crisis. governor walker and state republicans passed $140 million worth of tax giveaways. tax giveaways that were not paid for. they were under the state's deficit. i thought this was because you were worried about that deficit.
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as the thing went on longer, the unions offered to give all the consessions he asked for. if he were just concerned about the deficit would have meant he won. game over. governor walker did not accept the concessions he didn't want to talk about them. today as this keeps going on comes the threat that if he doesn't get what he want, he may have to lay off people. why tomorrow? it's the deadline for refinancing the state's debt. that will add another $14 million. what's the reasoning? we have a deficit problem and unless i can make it worse, the workers get it? this is not about the state budget and about republicans winning elections and
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hamstringing democrats. the david cokes of the world getting what they want and what they always wanted. the longer it goes on, the clearer it gets and the bigger the protests get. 100,000 people. it's not just a reflection that the governor is losing there. these protests are part of the reason he is losing. therefore this weekend and today, the walker administration has taken action to end the protests. wisconsin's department of administration is headed up by a scott walker appointee and set a deadline of 4:00 for the protesters to clear out of the state capital. as that deadline approach and a handful of protesters refused to go, local authorities decided that the protester who is remained would be allowed to stay in the capital overnight. that was last night. then today as the capital returned to normal business hours, sorry. everybody out of luck. protesters are locked out of
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wisconsin capital. scores of demonstrators waited outside to get in. they were ultimately denied interview. shutout of the public building that they were told they would be allowed back into. >> this is not a fight between the protesters and police. not only has the professional police association said they are on the side of the protesters, but the evidence that keeps getting reported about the solidarity between the police and the protesters and a chant reported in the "wall street journal," protesters shouting thank you, cops. thank you, cops. they have gone out of their way to be respectful and it appears to be respectful. they are needing to be cleaned. the capital needed to be cleaned up the journal sentinel reports
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a worker on a wacking machine polished the main floor and dozens of demonstrators chanted thank you, thank you. as massive as they have been over the last two weeks, there have been no significant arrests. on the contrary, they have at least twice publicly thanked the protesters for their polite behavior. an official that provides security for the capital said citizens for the rallies have been respectful and cooperative and i extend my sin veer thanks to them and the protest organizers a thank you letter from law enforcement. when the cause you are fighting against is hypocritical and your opponent operates in bat faith, large protests are almost unbeatable. i'm not talking about political
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tactics on the two sides. one of them ruled out negotiations and the other is a large organized, exclusively and scrupulously nonviolent movement that persists and will not go away and has public opinion on its side. there is almost nothing that can beat that. wisconsin, you are winning this fight. there is a reason after all of this time your governor is not willing to negotiate. he is not willing to talk at all. he is willing to kick you out of the capital. the physical presence of these demonstrators in wisconsin is why wisconsin is winning and the governor is losing. he is getting desperate. what happens next?
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so it turns out there is
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[ bell dings ] >> industry awards are nice. nice recognition for folk who is worked really hard. it's nice. awards are nice. award shows however? tough. three hours to find out who won. they could be playing paper toss
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or glow hockey or doing anything else in life no matter how pleasant or unpleasant. my girlfriend susan loves award shows. my whole family loves award shows. oscar sunday is like a maddow holiday i come from people who like award shows and respect them. i wish i liked them, but i do not. i do not watch them or go to them. you cannot make me. however i am a huge politics dork i love how crazy it makes everybody when politics intrudes on any award show small talk. usually politics only break out if the country is starring a war or it's an election year or michael moore wins something. this year it got political because of wisconsin. republicans in wisconsin are banking on the country's siding with this stripping union rights thing they are counting on that or apathy and people not caring.
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surprise >> we want to thank everybody at warner brothers and the hardworking sound people who worked on the production union of course. >> thanks to warner brothers and my fantastic union crew. >> did i hear you put the emphasis on my union crew? >> i did. i think that what's going on in wisconsin is madness and i have been a union member for 30 years and what the union has given to me is security for my family. they have given me health care in a country that otherwise does not provide health care. i think the unions are an important part of the middle class of america. i stand strong behind any of the union members in this country and any other country. all we are trying to do is get a decent wage and have medical care. >> set oftography and sound mixing and best shout out to our next guest and the giant soul of
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the country's political battle and fellow democrats appear to be winning in the great state of wisconsin. one of the 14 democratic state senators who remain outside to deny republicans what they need to pass the union-stripping bill. senator, thank you for your time. >> rachel, how are you? >> i'm good. i wonder if it feels to you like you and democrats and other people who are opposed to the governor's plan in your state, whether it feels to you like you are winning. from my vantage point it feels like you are. >> it does. from where i am at an undisclosed location in chicago, it feels like we are winning we feel strong about what we have seen in madison and all over the state as a matter of fact. right now there is about 1,000 people in dodgeville, wisconsin. that's the district for dale
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schultz who is on the fence. >> it feels to me like you are winning and i see the other side resorting to more extreme tactics that are hard to defend in the long run. what's your understanding about the administration closing down the state capital and keeping people out of the building? >> it's very frustrating to hear about and more frustrating to watch on your show i was watching ahead of time. the problem i have is this. it's a public building owned by the taxpayers of wisconsin. the id to get into the capital which is ridiculous. a state representative in my district would not show the id. she is an elected member and they wouldn't let her in. they knew she was a member and they wouldn't let her in. they are bolting the windows down. they have fire code issues and they are closing that building down. i don't know why. i do know why, but i would like to hear it officially. >> why do you think they are
12:21 am
doing it? if they can stop people from protesting by physically locking down that building, what do you think that will have? >> for won't. they are doing it because they have seen the polls now. both sides of the aisle on this issue they are losing this debate. the people support the rights. even at wisconsin i supported. they are checking out the debate. >> we have been hearing that republicans in the senate are not only trying to block pay to you, to democratic senators, they are trying to block pay to your staffers. do you have confirmation that that's happening? >> no, we heard about that. they blocked the access to the top years so the staffers cannot do their jobs. in the 27th senate district, it's about as petty as petty gets. it distracts from the main issue that we are trying to deal with. that's a budget deficit and closing the gap between the
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state of wisconsin and the collective bargaining issues. rather than spending constructively time on coming up with inside to move us forward together, they are taking the copying right privileges. it's a joke. >> is that going to have know effect on whether or not you guys are able to stay away and stay in coordinated and keep doing what you need to do to be able to make this time as constructively as possible. >> i know all of them on the capital and a lot on the republican side. dedicated hard workers and they handle it and are good at what they do. >> threatening the lay off notices that will have to go out unless you come back. the state will lose the chance to refinance the debt. what's your reaction to that? >> the governor is lying to the taxpayers of the state. he said we need to save $165 million.
12:23 am
that's what will happen. truth be told. we have $165 million payment due on our debt. the money has been allocated to make that. what governor walker is doing is taking that and balancing his budget and bonding in the future to pay it off. he is turning $165 million into about $200 million when all is said and done. he is doing something he swore he would never do. he is kicking the can down the road. it's unbelievable that he is doing this and he thinks he can pull it over the eyes of the taxpayers. that's what he is doing. borrowing to balance his budget. >> we're tried to figure this out in terms of the math. the governor's refinance will cost -- maybe about 14 more they would have to pay. is that roughly your understanding?
12:24 am
it's going to cost us a lot more money. he score he would never do. he is worry onning and taking that the state owes and pulling that back and putting it in his budget and borrowing to back fill the 165 million hole that will cost about $200 million in the air. there republicans who are thinking about siding with democrats on the issue? that may be the way this ends. >> off the record, yes. definitely thinking about it. i know. it's okay. i can't speak for them, but off the record they are. first of all, i know they approached the governor to try to make sure he removed the collective bargaining and he wouldn't do it. they have all kinds so far. the senator has done a great job, but so far they are under a lot of pressure. more than we are.
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>> joining us from an undisclosed location that looks like chicago. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you, rachel. >> every person looks at you live and said is this off the record? it's perfect. >> our oscar's coverage for the evening is complete. our coverage of the buxom and blond ukrainian nurse at the center of an international entry however, that one still has more room to run this hour. stand by. than many other allergy medications. omnaris. omnaris. to the nose! did you know nasal symptoms like congestion can be caused by allergic inflammation? omnaris relieves your symptoms by fighting inflammation. side effects may include headache, nosebleed and sore throat. [ inhales deeply ] i nipped my allergy symptoms in the bud. omnaris. ask your doctor. battling nasal allergy symptoms? omnaris combats the cause. get omnaris for only $11 at
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the democratic party and candidates got wal upped. she lack is the term of art. i prefer wal upped. in the campaigning, there was no debating about the war and there is almost no fighting about gay rights, next to nothing about abortion and definitely wasn't about education either. the last elections that did swing wide to the republicans were supposedly all about jobs everything was brought back to the economy and everything that the democrats did between 2008 and 2010 from health reform to everything was labeled job-killing no matter what it was. president obama ate the job-killing sox and arms and grows job-killing vegetables in her job-killing garden.
12:30 am
job-killing. after winning the elections, the republicans managed to stop focusing on abortion to introduce their own down with spending economic plan. republicans voted on that plan and the forecasts of what their plan would do are now finally starting to come in. if you are a liberal or you are a democrat or a cent rift or care what is words mean and you were looking for something to call job-killing, we have finally found that for you. that's next. we're america's natural gas.
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achievement: puts receivables to work. ♪ achievement: expects a lot of itself. cfo: cash flow options, helping business achievers better manage their cash flow. pnc. for the achiever in us all. about two weeks ago, everyone collectedly did a gasp when he did this. >> if some of those jobs are lost in this, so be it. >> mr. speaker was responding to reports that his party's plan would cost hundreds of thousands of american jobs. his response was -- >> so be it. >> ow. at the federal level, republicans want to be seen as the fiscally responsible party and like you to see democrats as
12:34 am
thrifty. regardless of all historical evidence that if americans just put them in charge, that would be good for the american economy and like it to be seen. that is say great plan in the abstract. here's what's happened since republicans won the last elections. they had to stop just talking about themselves in abstract complimentary terms and put forward a plan of what they wanted to do. when house republicans laid out their spending plan, a liberal group forecast impact on the nation's economy as follows. the forecast that the republican economic plan would reduce the number of jobs by 800,000. the republican budget would kill 800,000 jobs. okay. yeah, yeah. but they are liberals. goldman sachs did a report on the republican spending bill for one of their clients the report was leaked. we now know it found that republican spending that the republican spending plan could
12:35 am
not have as much as 2% off economic growth for the entire country. yeah, but that's goldman is a i guess. now here's a 30 from an economist who was a candidate, john mccain. an economist at moody's. the assessment of the budget plan is that it costs 400,000 jobs this year and 700,000 jobs by the end of next year and that it will reduce growth by half a point just this year. >> if some of those jobs are lost, so be it. >> not sure why this hasn't sunk in. the proposals are forecast to slow down america's economic growth. by a lot. to result in the job that they are not rebutting a forecast.
12:36 am
they are not rebutting this at all. how are we having this conversation? i would love to know home are thinking maybe what we need is higher unemployment and slower growth. it's a good thing they are working on this. yes, exactly. at the state level, it is weirder and even worse than it is at the federal level. in the final quarter of last year, in the fourth quarter of 2010, we had thought our economy was growing by 3.2%. on friday, that got revised downward. actually is turns out the economy did not do that well. we grew by a half point less than that. why did it get revised? what happened? state spending cuts. state job cuts. we got the numbers about how much state and local governments cut spending and public sector jobs at the state and local level. public sector jobs.
12:37 am
public sector jobs are real jobs. state cuts are dragging the entire nation's economy down they are not helping the economy. they are hurting the economy. indiana governor mitch daniels was asked about that this morning. he was asked i want to ask something that i lot of people are con41ing as they deal with the deficit as well as state and local deficits. are budget cuts, government budget cuts worth it even in f they cost a lot of jobs right now? governor daniels relied "the answer is yes." the question is are you okay with killing jobs? the answer is sure, why not. who needs jobs? >> if some of those jobs are lost in this, so be it? >> republican economic policies at the state and federal level are foress economic growth and fewer jobs. so say the economists. so admits the republican party
12:38 am
when you ask them about it. the republican party is not rebutting that what they propose is less growth for america and less jobs in america they are not rebuting it. they admit it when pressed. they are counting on you not paying attention the associated press interviewed a number of governors for the governor's association meeting, the meeting with president obama today. the ap noted in their article that governors are turning down money and undermining federal initiatives designed to create jobs. republican governors fighting against or turning away from funning for everything from health reform to infrastructure and education. the effect is real. it means fewer jobs in their states. it means fewer jobs in the country. it means less economic growth for america. less growth and less jobs for the states and all of us. if the most important thing heading into a president's reelection campaign is how the economy is doing, republican economic policies right now on are strongest force pulling in
12:39 am
the other direction against the economic recovery that we are finally starting to get. they are the strongest force pulling against recovery from inside politics. the worse off the country economically, the worse president obama's chances are for reelection. the decisions they are making against jobs and growth, they have such partisan implications that republican pennsylvania governor tom corbett at one point had to volunteer "it's not a conspiracy." i would almost feel better if it was. joining us is robert frank, professor of economics at cornell university. thank you for your time. >> pleasure to be with you. >> speaker boehner, governor daniels, essentially saying they are okay with public sector jobs going away. those don't matter to them. is there economic difference between a public sector job and private sector job?
12:40 am
>> you don't see any economy in the world that doesn't have a mix of jobs. we need roads to drive our cars on. we need schools to send our kids to. those are public sector jobs. we have private sector jobs too. the public sector jobs deliver good value. many of them. they are a good use of taxpayer dollars and right now when we are in a spending shortage recession, the last thing we should be doing is cutting jobs >> the terms were counterproductive and an unnecessary chance to cut spending before the economy came back more robustly. dr. zandy is not saying this spending shouldn't be cut in the long run, but it's a bad idea to cut it now. why is that? >> he got his priorities straight. the deficit is not an artificial problem we need to deal with it, but
12:41 am
it's a long run problem. the problem with the deficit is we need to bring it down over the next 10 years to 15 years. what's imperative at the moment is to get the economy out of the recession and the reason it's in the recession is we don't have enough spending women talked about this before. the investors won't spend on investment. they have more capacity than they need. consumers are worriyed. they are not spending. government is the only actor on the scene with the capacity to spend it has so many essential thing that is it should be doing. roads are worn out and dikes are about to collapse and they will inunidate cities below them. lots of things we should be spending on. the deficit is a problem for the months and years after the economy is back in full employment. >> what about the idea that the republicans in the house proposed about $61 billion worth of spending cuts. as you say the deficit is not a
12:42 am
made up problem. it is worth thinking about that for the long run. would the kind of cuts that the republicans are proposing have a significant impact on the deficit? >> no. that's the sad thing the nonpartisan congressional budget office projects over the next four years we will add $3.8 trillion to the deficit. these $61 billion in cuts are a drop in the bucket. nobody thinks we can curb the deficit in the long run with cuts to domestic spending. there is not enough in the budget to do that. a lot of the cuts were making the deficit worse we are cutting off funning for nutritional assistance to poor women with small children. that's saving a dollar today to spend $5 in a few years. that's not good economics >> is there -- are there categories of spending out there that economically speaking are
12:43 am
sort of a bargain. if the government is looking to spend money that will have max mall benefit to the nation, what are the bargain spendings out there? >> there real low hanging reasons. the department of transportation in nevada reports a 10-mile stretch of 80 in disrepair that would cost them $6 million to bring it up to a good state of repair if they did the work because the workers who needed to do the job are sitting idle. they are unemployed and the materials are cheaper than ever. interest rates to finance the project is low. we can repair a 10-mile stretch for $6 million. waiting two years, that same repair will cost us $30 million. how does that help us with the deficit if we postpone that spending? that makes it worse.
12:44 am
it's a criminal misdiagnosis of the problem. >> economics professor at cornell university. appreciate your time in helping to understand this. thank you. >> always a pressure. >> so there has been a lot of excellent coverage for the last couple of weeks about the big political stand under arrest r off in wisconsin. this is about the future existence of the democratic party and it is the sharpest relief we had in this country about why we have two parties and what the difference is between them. nobody has been on the story longer or been doing it better than my friend ed schultz. after the show ed will talk with a policeman who stood with the protesters, defying the governor that everyone leave. i have been looking forward all day to seeing this interview. coming up next on the ed show. please do not miss it. despite incredible difficulty and peril reporting on it, the situation in libya cleared everybody in the world with access to a tv or radio or a
12:45 am
newspaper or the internet machine everybody in the world except khadafi. the most diluted public statement you heard in a long time comes today from triply and not beverly hills. that's next. for 30 days. for freshness from start to finish. the small space odor solution that's a breath of fresh air. the febreze set & refresh. that's a breath of fresh air. and go everywhere. to help revitalize a neighborhood in massachusetts, restore a historic landmark in harlem, fund a local business in chicago, expand green energy initiatives in seattle. because when you're giving, lending and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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>> i have a logo to show you that will outrage you if you squint and if you like to blame jews for everything. if you have forsaken your place in the nation and if you are overdue to the optometrist. bl ethel couldn't ignore the clear need for health and financial security. and it inspired her to found aarp. for over 50 years, we've continued that work, to help all americans pursue their best life. discover more of what we do, for every generation at
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before this revolution started in libya, what looks and sounds and feels like a civil war, what do you remember libya being in the news for recently? what was the last thing you read in the news about libya? does the phrase buxom ukrainian nurse ring a bell? the signature pointless details to come out of the wikileaks do you means was a cable from embassy officials to hillary clinton stating that the leader of libya was a 10ed to constantly and never traveled without a ukrainian nurse described in the cable as buxom. based on the famous nurse cable, reuters gave us the weirdest update on whether or not khadafi's regime is crumbling. local reporters went here to
12:50 am
this apartment building in kiev in ukraine where they found the woman reported to be his nurse. she is clearly not with the libyan leader today. does this mean his regime has fallen apart? the answer would be yes. in fact in just our big trashy world, these developments here are better signs first. in the official days of the rebellion, first minsters, several minsters resigned one was the justice minster. this weekend from the second largest city in rebel hands, he announced he was forming an interim government to lead and govern the eastern part of the country. whether or not he is successful and whether or not they recognize him as a leader, that remains to be seen. if he is successful at forming a coalition, he could have an actual organized army and defected commanders and rebel
12:51 am
leaders in the eastern part of the country formed what they are calling the libyan people's army. they are armed with whatever the former commanders had at their disposal and weapons looted. it's not just members so too has libya's oil producer. a spokesperson for the local opposition said the oil company was no longer controlled by libya's government. it resumed exporting for the first time since protests began. a tanker loaded up with one million barrels to set sail to china and hopes to send another 600,000 barrels the opposition will not profit from the sales of those tankers and money earned by the company still goes directly into libyan government accounts in tripoli.
12:52 am
if you live in the surrounding areas, there is as of right now ohm one way to get news of what's going on. this is the voice of free libya. it is broadcasting for a studio set up at the transmitter station of the old station from which an army officer named khadafi announced his success in 1969. the station where he in 1969 announced he was taking over that country is now in their hands. they are once controlled by the government and one of them reportedly can sometimes reach the capitol city of tripoli. in terms of the stons to the revolution, the united states has frozen $30 billion of the assets. germ 18 moved to stop all payments for 60 days
12:53 am
they voted unanimously to reaffirm khadafi to the criminal court at the hang for crimes against humanity for the force used against his people. if you heard rumors about warships positioning themselves, you heard right. the aircraft carrier of the uss enterprise are in the neighborhood chltd nobody know fist there will be a no-fly zone to enforce or what action may be ahead either by the united states or the international community more broadly. the regime on the one hand used troops and special forces to attack an oil refinery. they sent fighter jets to bomb sites. on the other hand the colonel told abc that libyans love him. he said the people of libya love him and he has no plans to step down. he is bombing them. he can't step down because he is not technically the president or the king so what would he be
12:54 am
stepping down from? delusions, civil war, ukrainian nurses or not, the forecast for his future as the leader of libya looks to be short and brutal. we will keep you posted. >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. host: could switching to geico 15% or more on car insurance? host: what, do you live under a rock?
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announcer: debit card control and credit card flexibility. get both with slate. but you can still refinance to a fixed rate as low as 4.75% at, where customers save an average of $293 a month. call lending tree at... today. next year, london will be hosting the summer olympic games. the opening ceremonies are in 515 days. they may seem like a long time, but when you are planning the olympics, that's right around the corner. that's too late to make major changes. too late to change the logo, the olympic logo which they unveiled about 3 1/2 years ago. the logo is basically the numbers 2012. 2012 and the olympic rings. it says london in the two first
12:58 am
and the five rings are in the zero. it is meant to be an instantly recognizable symbol and a universal form. unconventionally bold, spirited and unexpected ly disnent logo will be everywhere in 515 days. the world has known about it for about years. why then is today the day that the nation of iran decided that that logo is so offensive that it is threatening to boycott the entire olympics because of it? according to one of the news agencies today, iran objects to 2012 london games logo. the agency reporting that iran sent a letter calling for designing a new logo and confronting the symbol's designers. what is upsetting to the government? even though they have known about it for four years and it hasn't changed even though it never bothered them before?
12:59 am
iran decided today if you squint at it just right, they decided it says the word zion as in israel and as in jews. it's an international jewish experience. just like everything else they look at the logo and you rearrange the numbers and turn that parallel gram from the second two into a dot on the i? no. iran is coo coo for cocoa puffs and see israelis under every rock or want international attention today. for something other than the fact that the opposition said the candidates who challenged in the last election and has been opposition leaders were just arrested. they are calling for rallies tomorrow to defend them and protest the arrests they say they were not ohm arrested by the iranian government, but along


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